Concept making workshop, product development
This nursery is placed on the country side of Machida city, for over 35 years it has been carried out childcare with the philosophy of “everything is always children-centred”.  The concept is “Small Village”, conducted a workshop about environment where people gather from all over the world.  As the results, the original furniture series was born.
Photo by Keishin Horikoshi (SS Tokyo)
Client: Kinya Saito / Chairman, Tokokai Social-welfare corporation
Produce: Koryo Saito / Principal, Nature of Country Nursery "Small Village"
Architectural Design: naf architect & design Inc.
Construction: Yokozawa Construction Company
Workshop, Furniture (nursery rooms): KOKUYO Co., Ltd.
Furniture (office/play rooms): monokraft
Interior Coordination: Yurio Seki
Graphic Design: Masafumi Arita 
Sound Environment Design: Fly sound
*All positions above are at the time of its establishment in 2014.
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