Kohei Nojima
Being engaged in various researches of advanced workplaces and design interior spaces make me well-experienced. As for my own design philosophy, I believe that clarity and rationality are the most important keys to accomplish any project.  I can make complicated client requirements simple and collaborate with partners. In every project, I create spaces that embody the client's vision.
1977 Born in Chiba City, Japan and Spent childhood in Munich, Germany
2001 Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Information, KEIO University, Japan
2004 Master of Media and Governance, Environmental Design and Governance, KEIO University, Japan
2004-present KOKUYO Co., Ltd.
2018 Live in Adelaide, Australia
2009/2014/2015/2016 Kids Design Award, Winning a prize, Kids Design Association
2012 JCD Design Award, The best new designer award, Japan Commercial Environment Design Association
2013 JWSDA Web Solution Design Award, Highest Award, Japan Web Solution Design Association
2012/2017/2018 DSA Design Award, Award for excellence, The Council of the Design Association of Japan
2012/2017/2018 SDA Design Award, Winning a prize, Japan Sign Design Association
2010 Environmental Facilities Design Award,  Winning a prize, Association of Building Engineering and Equipment
2009 Workplace Design View: Natural Stance of Office, ECIFFO VOL 53, pp.58-64, co-author 
2006 Seamlessly Connected Distributed Workspaces, ECIFFO VOL 48, pp.65-70, co-author
2003 Environmental Behavior Studies Data, Shokokusha, co-author

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